How do Digital Twins create added value for our customers?
This is the question that drives us.

Knowledge from all our areas of expertise flows into all aspects: from the development of new service and business models, the identification of business cases according to economic aspects, the design and development of the IT infrastructure, the development of simulation models to the transfer of know-how. The aim is to work together to find the right path for our customers and their digitization goals.

We offer more than just the necessary methods and tools for Digital Twins: With a high level of market understanding and precise knowledge of industry-specific applications, ITficient works closely with a strong partner network. From business model to prototype to implementation: ITficient provides comprehensive and competent consulting and accompanies clients from the first idea to the entire implementation process.

“In addition to maximizing the availability of the hydropower plants, we are also striving for a more informed forecast of the remaining useful life.
Likewise, we expect to see benefits in condition-based services as well as avoiding costly repairs.”

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Bernd Hollauf,
Project Manager Digital Hydropower Plant, Verbund Hydro Power GmbH

Success stories from medium-sized companies

Digital Twin in Valve Technology

Real-time monitoring, digital sensors, stable product quality. These are not buzzwords, but real added value that digitization offers. In the field of valve technology, digital twins are currently in the process of regulating mixing processes. through real-time monitoring and digital sensors.
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Process Optimization in Magnesium Melting Furnace

In Mg-melting plants, the crucible forms the heart of the entire plant. With the help of simulation-based virtual sensors, it should be possible in the future to calculate the condition of the crucible and the melt based on real-time data from the plant, and to predict and optimize any safety-relevant temperature curves.

PoC on a NETZSCH progressing Cavity Pump

Even challenging environments are no problem for progressive cavity pumps. However, it is usually difficult to install sensors on the pump in such an environment to protect and monitor the system. With the help of virtual sensors, this problem can be solved easily and effectively.

Predictive Maintenance Calculation

In the development of Digital Twins, Morphosense has collaborated with ITficient, CADFEM and Ansys. Our tools enabled Morphosense to accelerate its development and secure the deployment of its Digital Twin and IT framework, providing Morphosense’s customers with a fundamental tool for estimating the fatigue and remaining life of instrumented structures.

Towards a Digital Twin for Metal Processing

Bosch’s goal is to develop a method for the online simulation of an inductive hardening process: the underlying process model is intended to improve quality, production stability and efficiency.

Digital Twins for cost-efficient Distribution

When selling complex solutions, competing criteria are often relevant, e.g. production output, operating costs, investment volume. Kaeser Kompressoren relies on Digital Twins to configure its products.

Predictive Maintenance in Automation Technology

Phoenix Contact shows how the digital twin of safety relays can help to forecast the remaining service life, synchronize maintenance measures, and increase availability.