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How do digital twins create added
value for our customers?
This question drives us.

Knowledge from all of our areas of expertise is incorporated: from the development of new service and business models, the identification of business cases based on economic aspects, the conception and construction of the IT infrastructure, the development of simulation models through to the transfer of know-how. It is important to work together to find the right path for our customers and their digitalization goals.

We offer more than just the necessary methods and tools for digital twins: With a high level of market understanding and precise knowledge of industry-specific applications, ITficient works closely with a strong partner network.

Digital Twins at
Verbund Hydro Power

Digital Twins for the remaining useful life simulation in
Styrian hydropower plants.

Learn how Verbund Hydro Power uses Digital Twins to increase the availability of its hydropower plants, perform condition-based maintenance and avoid costly repairs.

Dr. Bernd Hollauf

Project Manager Digital Hydropower Plant,
Verbund Hydro Power GmbH

In addition to ensuring the highest possible availability of the hydroelectric power plants, we are also striving for a more well-founded forecast of the remaining service life. We also expect advantages in terms of condition-related services and the avoidance of expensive repairs.

Digital Twins: Success stories from SMEs

Predictive maintenance

Morphosense has worked with ITficient, CADFEM and ANSYS to develop digital twins. Our tools enabled Morphosense to accelerate its development and secure the establishment of its digital twin and IT framework, providing Morphosense’s customers with a fundamental tool for estimating the fatigue and remaining life of instrumented structures.

ITficient Consultation

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Florian Sipek

Head of Research & Development,
Rauch Furnance Technology

The implementation of the learning effect for us were extremely satisfactory, which has a lot to do with the cooperative partnership with ITficient and CADFEM.