We support our customers throughout their entire journey.

From onboarding to implementation and scaling.

Knowledge from all of our areas of expertise is incorporated: from the development of new service and business models, the identification of business cases based on economic aspects, the conception and construction of the IT infrastructure, the development of simulation models through to the transfer of know-how. It is important to work together to find the right path for our customers and their digitalization goals.

CEO, ITficient AG

Teresa Alberts

The implementation of digital twins is independent of an industry. It is based on data, physics and the customer`s product knowledge.

Teresa Alberts

CEO, ITficient AG

The implementation of digital twins is independent of an industry. It is based on data, physics and the customer`s product knowledge.

Start your journey with our Digital Twin Workshop

A moderated intensive workshop with in-depth analysis of requirements, goals and prerequisites has proven to be the basis for a successful Digital Twin project. Together we specify:

Stakeholder: Who in the company is affected?
Perspectives: What are the challenges, what are the added values?
Personas: Who are the future active users?
Prioritization: Which use case is suitable for getting started?
Technical analysis: Which models, sensor data and IT infrastructures are available?

This is followed by a rough concept of the use case, detailed proof of concept, implementation and scaling to other use cases.

ITficient Digital Twin Services

Use Case Exploration Workshops

The focus is on identifying digital twin use cases and developing new service and business models.

Digital Twin IT Infrastructure Services

We support you in the design of your Digital Twin IT infrastructure architecture, the creation of your data management concept, the development of interfaces and integration into your individual IT infrastructure.

Digital Twin Simulation Services

We support you in the development of simulation models, the generation of virtual sensors and post-processing analyses.

ITficient Consultation

Would you like to find out more about your individual consulting options?

We will be happy to advise you on how you can best use digital twins in your company in a no-obligation consultation.

Our Team

ITficient is part of the CADFEM Group. The CADFEM Group is represented in 14 countries with holdings in 21 companies and over 500 employees.


Teresa Alberts


Fabian Müller

Global IT strategies

Richard Müller


Christian Abramowski

System engineer

Dr. Hanna Baumgartl

Partners & Networks

ITficient and CADFEM Group

A strong network for your success.

Customer-specific support throughout the entire Digital Twin process.

Think global, act local…

The CADFEM Group brings together Ansys sales partners from various countries in Europe, Asia, America and North Africa. We support our customers worldwide with the recognized quality standards of CADFEM. Other members of the CADFEM Group offer services and expertise in the areas of medical simulation, mathematics, software development, smart cities and digital twins. To promote innovation and new ideas, the CADFEM Group also invests in technology start-ups.