Our expertise

We support our customers throughout their entire journey.
From entry to implementation and scaling.

Knowledge from all our areas of expertise flows into this: from the development of new service and business models, the identification of business cases according to economic aspects, the design and development of the IT infrastructure, the development of simulation models to the transfer of know-how. The aim is to work together to find the right path for our customers and their digitization goals.

ITficient Digital Twin Workshop

Consulting: Digital Service Model

Design Thinking Workshop

As-is analysis of existing data sources

Development of quickly implementable use cases

Elaboration of high-level concept

Goals and outcome of the consultation:
High level concept for a digital business model

ITficient Digital Twin Prototyping


IoT and Digital Twin Prototyping

Customized prototype in preconfigured IoT solution

Real-time prototype with customized visualization

Development of what-if scenarios

Prototyping goals and outcome:
Test startup with customer data in a preconfigured solution in 2-3 months

ITficient Digital Twin Implementation


Conceptual design of a scalable IT architecture

Implementation of digital twins in individual customer infrastructure

Guided Work – independent integration of further components / systems

Implementation Objectives and Outcome:
Integration into the existing or new IT infrastructure

ITficient Team

ITficient is part of the CADFEM Group. The CADFEM Group is represented in 14 countries with investments in 21 companies and over 500 employees.

Teresa Alberts

Fabian Müller

Richard Müller
Global IT Strategies

Christian Abramowski

Dr. Hanna Baumgartl
Systems Engineer

Think global, act local...

The CADFEM Group is a leading provider for simulation-based engineering. Our expertise and know-how extend to almost every industry and application in the world of simulation. Our business approach is “think globally, but act locally”, using the collective strengths of small and medium sized companies and believing in the fresh ideas of start-ups.


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