“The digitization of industry allows us to combine real and virtual data. The combination of this data provides us with information to prevent breakdowns and unplanned plant downtime. Customers are informed at an early stage and service teams are deployed efficiently. With these opportunities, we are developing new business models in the area of digital service models.”

Condition monitoring in real time

Ensure availability of the plants

Condition-based maintenance and services

Remaining useful life prediction

Avoidance of expensive repairs

Smart products

Condition-based monitoring

Connectivity with other products and systems

Optimal utilization of service capacities

Increase productivity

New service models

New data- and service-driven business models

Pay per Use or Machine as a Service

Customer- or machine-specific usage recommendation

Recurring revenue opportunities and stronger customer loyalty

"The digital twin accompanies the real product in a virtual world. It enables predictive maintenance of plants and machines. Our customers thus reduce their service costs and build new markets for themselves with new business models around digital service models."

Digital twins: Success stories from medium-sized businesses

Driving industrial digital transformation and creating added value
An excerpt from our customer projects

Digital Twin in Valve Technology

Process Optimization in Magnesium Melting Furnace

PoC on a NETZSCH progressing Cavity Pump

Towards a Digital Twin for Metal Processing

Digital Twins for cost-efficient Distribution

Predictive Maintenance in Automation Technology

Simulation-based Digital Twins

The advantages at a glance
benefit from simulation-based Digital Twins

Advanced information through virtual sensors

Digital twins provide extended information through virtual sensors of sensor-fed simulations. In this way, properties can be recorded that are otherwise hardly measurable, e.g. fatigue, cavitation, corrosion.

Added value through predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance enables long-term customer retention and new services, e. g. “Pay per Use” or “Maintenance as a Service”.
ITficient supports you in the development of such business models.

Optimal operation

Operators with better knowledge of their equipment can use it optimally and better balance competing criteria such as operating time, performance, energy costs and degradation.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

With numerical simulation models, you can configure and validate sophisticated solutions based on real-time usage profiles. This can increase confidence and reduce quality costs.